In 1970, the sanctuary was built with the rest following over the next decade. In February of 2013, Pastors Bill and Ellen Green were called to the church to serve on the ministry team. Shortly after their arrival, God began to plant a new vision for the church and the church body. The vision began with tearing down strongholds, high places and “traditions of men”. The new focus was on worshiping Him. A new sound began to arise and His presence began to fill the house. Encouraging and inspiring messages are preached that challenge the church to reach higher, expect more, press in, and to walk in faith.

The church is currently being remodeled to follow His vision of “rebuilding the temple of praise”. From the doors to the alters and beyond, we are seeing the vision come to pass. The vision was not only for the building, but for the entire body and operation of His house. New wine requires new wine skins. Join us as we follow Him and rebuild His temple of praise.